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Here is the most current ranking of website builders for the year 2020. We checked all updates and all existing services to determine the top ten.

Which to choose? It’s totally up to you. But before that, we strongly recommend that you read the description of each of the platforms. We hope this information will help you make the right choice.


The concept of uKit and all its functionality are designed to create websites for sales and services. The website builder offers to host, a huge set of free templates, a lot of specialized widgets, and it is synchronized with useful third-party services. You get everything for the successful implementation of your project.



-  Good choice of themes

-  Premium designs at a very affordable price

-  Adaptability to mobile devices

-  Powerful blogging platform

-  Manual and automatic back up

-  Create a website based on the available in social network content and customize the site according to your needs

-  Reliable email support

-  uKit blog has a frequently asked questions section, which speeds up working with various aspects of website creation

-  Wide functionality for creating small sites

-  Simple and intuitive interface

-  Drag and drop editor

-  Site template can be changed after the site was created

-  The ability to integrate with Google Analytics.



-  Most themes look quite similar

-  Limited customization opportunities

-  Few communication options

-  The functionality sometimes has minor bugs

-  No possibility to load your own template



-  Minimal – $3.5-5 / mo

-  Basic – $7-10/mo

-  eCommerce – $8.4-12 / mo

-  Pro – $10.5-15/mo*

*uKit offers a system of discounts on the subscription plans. The longer the subscription period is, the less you pay.


The company "GoDaddy" is the largest domain registrar in the world, which sells domains a very large set of hosting services.

GoDaddy is a very well-known brand with a full range of hosting services and is created for those who do not want to search for optimal solutions for a long time.



-  Easy to use

-  Technical support via E-mail, phone, and Live Chat

-  A good shopping cart and eCommerce functions

-  Advanced marketing tools

-  Free domain when purchasing service for a year

-  Business and personal themes

-  Business Mail for Office 365

-  Mobile optimized site

-  Search engine optimization

-  Integration of social networks with the site

-  SSL certificate.


-  Limited opportunities for low-cost plans

-  Internet file managers are not easy to use

-  Search engine optimization tools and site submission are not available for Personal plan

-  The interface may look complicated for beginners

-  Complicated Money back

-  Registration is quite difficult.



-  Personal – $5.99/mo

-  Business – $9.99/mo

-  Business Plus – $14.99/mo

-  Online Store – $19.99/mo.


Jimdo is a German-based site builder with a visual editor for creating online business cards, blogs, and stores. This platform can be a perfect tool for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Jimdo is suitable for inexperienced users to create their first site. The basic version of Jimdo is suitable for creating a blog, business card (corporate/personal website/portfolio) or an online store. Jimdo is an important tool for entrepreneurs who want to create a business card in support of the business, photographers who need a portfolio, musicians, makeup artists, and others.

Minimum settings, the visual editor highlights the menu of available operations when you hover on individual items.

This web builder is a perfect platform for the development of online stores. The functionality for online stores at Jimdo is really great.


Pros :

-  Pretty good functionality that allows you to create a large number of types of sites

-  High-quality templates with convenient customization opportunities

-  Convenient, though the original, visual editor

-  The presence of widgets that can extend the site functionality

-  Well-designed help section

-  Cheap to make your website advertisement-free

-  Unlimited storage space on an Unlimited plan

-  Helpful technical support.



-  Limited choice of templates

-  Full SEO optimization is possible only on with purchasing Grow plan

-  Paid plans look overpriced

-  No restore option.


-  Play – $0 / mo

-  Start – $9 / mo

-  Grow – $15 / mo

-  eCommerce- $19 / mo

-  Unlimited – $39 / mo.


 Squarespace is a good platform for creating a site from a small blog, portfolio to a full-fledged commercial platform. The service provides a domain name registration, hosting, eCommerce and much more. SquareSpace is a website builder focused on creating blogs and portfolios. SquareSpace is a very strong platform for people who are currently selling on Etsy or eBay and want to set up their own site. Overall, this is definitely the best option in terms of templates, and it’s hard to find a feature that Squarespace lacks. The platform does not require special knowledge. The website building software is really intuitive.



-  Free hosting and domain

-  Free Google and Typekit fonts

-  Round-the-clock technical support

-  Sale of digital goods

-  Stripe Payment System

-  No technical knowledge required from a user

-  A wide selection of pre-installed templates that look great

-  Editors for styles and content are separated

-  Free domain in the .com zone

-  Relevant for portfolio sites.



-  Settings are difficult for beginners

-  Too many restrictions

-  Slow performance of the visual editor and previews of galleries.



-  Personal – $12/ mo billed annually or $16/ mo billed monthly

-  Business – $18/ mo billed annually or $26/ mo billed monthly

-  Basic Commerce – $26/ mo billed annually or $30/ mo billed monthly

-  Advanced Commerce – $40/ mo billed annually or $46/ mo billed monthly.


Adobe Muse is an offline computer program for creating websites. It’s based on the HTML5 standard. Muse is suitable for the development of landings, portfolios, business cards, and small shops. It is a professional tool for creating design templates. This software is friendly with other Adobe Creative Cloud products.

Adobe Muse is a professional program for creating sites. It supports plugins, templates, and other add-ons that expand capabilities. To publish sites, you need to rent a hosting. It will be a good choice for designers, webmasters, as well as experienced users of Photoshop, Illustrator, and other graphics applications from Adobe.

Muse can be used to create single-page sites with a unique design. More experienced users can create multi-page projects. Muse is difficult for beginners and it is a quite expensive product but you can easily find and download training courses on this software. Knowledge of coding is not required.



-  Good visual editor

-  Advanced features to create the structure of the site

-  Ability to connect web fonts

-  A great number of any templates

-  Various effects or animations to make your site look beautiful

-  Created websites will look good on any screen

-  Receive online payments from your site

-  Well-organized interface

-  Adobe technical support.


-  To get elementary functions, you may need to connect extra widgets and plug-ins

-  Limited SEO tools

-  Need to buy hosting, domain

-  No online control panel

-  Inconvenient to update the created sites.

IMPORTANT: on March 26, 2018, the last update of the program was released. Its technical support will continue until March 26, 2020.


-  The Adobe Muse CC Single App – $ 14.99 / mo

-  Business Plan – $ 29.99 / mo

-  Creative Cloud All Apps – $ 49.99 / mo.


Strikingly is an excellent platform for creating websites without any programming knowledge. Created in 2012, it became a well-known website builder by 2020. This service helps you create a beautiful thematic site with the all necessary functions fast.

The process of creating and designing a site can be described as What-You-Click-Is-What-You-Edit. To edit any element, just click on it, after which the corresponding editing tool will open.

Created sites have an adaptive design and do not require a separate development of mobile options – the website will be compatible with all mobile devices (mobile phones, tablets, etc.). Several dozens of ready-made templates cover all popular thematic categories: from business card site to online store.



-  The perfect platform for building single-page websites

-  User-friendly navigation

-  Endless free plan

-  Layouts look good on any digital screen

-  No previous coding background needed

-  Generous rewards program

-  Automatically saving site changes

-  Free support at all rates

-  Visual text editor

-  The ability to embed custom HTML, JS, and CSS codes in paid plans.



-  No form builder

-  Not convenient for placing a large amount of information

-  Customer support provided by phone only in English.



-  Free plan – $0

-  Limited – $12/ mo billed monthly,  $8/ mo billed yearly, $7/ mo billed every 2 years

-  PRO – $20/ mo billed monthly,  $16/ mo billed yearly, $14/ mo billed every 2 years, $12/ mo billed every 3 years, $11.20/ mo billed every 5 years

-   VIP – $49/ mo billed yearly, $43/ mo billed every 2 years, $39/ mo billed every 3 years, $34.40/ mo billed every 5 years

 In addition, Strikingly offers a custom domain for $24.95 / year and custom email for $25 / year.


 Angelfire was launched in 1996 the free web builder that belongs to the search portal Lycos. Angelfire offers 20 megabytes of space, useful features such as blog building and a photo gallery builder and supports FrontPage extensions. You don’t need to be professional to work on it.


-  FREE 

-  Drag-and-drop

-  No special knowledge or skills required

-  With paid plans, you get a free domain name


-  No style configuration

-  Inconvenient text-based navigation

-  Poorly organized

-  No membership system

-  Outdated themes

-  Limited choice of fonts

-  No mobile version

-  Not good web hosting

-  No style customization options.

Angelfire looks mostly like an old abandoned product. There is no social media activity and the blog hasn't been updated since November 2012. The product in general looks extremely outdated.



-  Free – $0

-  Entry – $0.95 / mo or $11.40 / year

-  Basic – $2.95 / mo or $32.45 / year

-  THE Plan – $9.95 / mo or $109.45 / year*

With Basic and THE Plan yearly hosting packages you get one month for free.


BigCommerce is the fastest eCommerce platform on the market. More than 95,000 users currently use live sites that use BigCommerce to sell products and process payments on the Internet. BigCommerce provides a powerful interface for your eCommerce needs. The website allows you to create beautiful, responsive projects, knowing nothing about web design. You can add and edit products without any problems and accept payments through a variety of options.



-  Beautiful, responsive projects

-  Individual delivery

-  Flexible taxation system

-  Dropshipping functions

-  High-quality and beautiful free templates

-  Amazon Import and Link tool

-  Wide functionality for managing online stores

-  Unlimited products

-  Unlimited bandwidth

-  Many integration opportunities (eBay, Amazon, Facebook, Google Shopping, etc.)

-  Manage online store through a mobile phone

-  Personal technical support for everybody

-  Many training materials and video lessons.



-  Expensive

-  The interface is not easy for beginners

-  Random bugs

-  No monthly payments – only for a year.



-  Standard – $ 29.95 / mo

-  Plus – $ 79.95 / mo

-  Pro – $ 249.95 / mo

-  Enterprise – custom pricing.


Volusion is a site builder that allows you to create online stores with a catalog of items. In addition, the blogging function is implemented. The service is aimed at online sales; professional eCommerce tools are available. If necessary, you can use the paid services of designers to create a unique online store. The intuitive interface allows you to understand the program without the involvement of webmasters and without special knowledge or skills. Due to the presence of the HTML editor, the designing process is suitable for both employees without coding skills to create unique pages and programs to speed up the work process.



-  Advanced eCommerce functionality

-  CRM system, SEO tools

-  HTML editor

-  SSL User Certificates

-  Integration with Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics, Amazon, and eBay

-  Paid Design Services

-  Intuitive interface

-  More than 300 design themes

-  Well-organized interface.



-  Not all free themes are mobile optimized

-  The Mini base plan has significantly reduced the functionality

-  Additional payments for exceeding the bandwidth limits.



-  Personal – $29/mo

-  Professional – $79/mo

-  Business – $299/mo

-  Prime – Custom pricing.

 SITEBUILDER.COM has proven itself as a top-class website builder. The process starts with choosing a free domain and continues by choosing a template from thousands of available options.



-  Free trial period

-  User-friendly

-  Thousands of templates

-  Adapted to mobile devices

-  A special email address associated with the domain

-  Integration with Google Analytics.



-  Insufficient customer support

-  The constructor loads slowly.



-  Pro – $3.84/ mo

-  Premium – $5.99/ mo

-  eCommerce – $9.22/ mo.

What is a website builder?

Website Builder is a service that allows you to create websites without knowledge of programming languages.

Website builder works according to the following scheme: there are predefined blocks, you combine them and build your own site out of them.

The site will be created according to predefined templates. You just have to fill the pages with content.


Is it better to use website builders or hire a web developer?

Hiring a web developer is the choice of companies that want to get a high-quality and professional website with unique design, convenient modules, and original content.

If you do not need a complex website structure – for example, a single landing page or a simple information portal is enough, you can create a website yourself in the website builder.

But if you are targeting a large project and you do not have knowledge in the field of web technology, you will have to look for a web developer.

A site builder is a good option for people who are completely unfamiliar with web technologies and want to create simple landing pages or business card site.


Who benefits from a website builder?

Sites created with website builders are not suitable for everyone. But it can be a good option for the budget start of the project. This kind of platform is an important tool for entrepreneurs who want to create a business card. It can be also beneficial for artists, photographers, musicians, makeup artists, and other creative jobs who need a portfolio, online gallery or a personal website.

It’s a perfect solution for a small business when you don’t want to pay thousand dollars to develop a site on a full-fledged CMS and another hundred or thousand dollars a month to maintain a full-time developer that will support and refine the site.

In this case, you can use the constructor. The development team of this constructor is engaged in improving its general functionality and adding new modules, and you use the results of their work for your business.

Website builders work also if:

1. You do not need a site for business but a personal blog or gallery

2. You are not sure about the business idea and you want to check the demand

3. The high quality of the site is not required by your business.


11 tips on how to choose a website builder

If you decide to make a site on the website creation services, you need to find the best platform that meets your needs.

1.     The site builder should support the main features of your site: text pages, product lists, product cards, shopping cart, ordering, articles, and news. Think about what functionality is required for the site – all this must necessarily be in the site builder.

2.     If the main features are ok, look at the extras.

3.     When we have decided on the functions, you should check if HTTPS could be connected.

4.     Then look at the possibilities of SEO optimization. If you plan to promote the site, the website builder platform should provide all the necessary tools for SEO.

5.     Check the download speed.

6.     Check if it is possible to connect the custom domain (if the address provided by the default is not appropriate for you).

7.     Then look, what design options are offered by the website builder (templates, fonts, colors).

8.     Check whether you can make any changes to the site code (edit page templates, site styles, add your own JavaScript codes) if needed.

9.     Make sure there is a backup in the default constructor. It will allow you to quickly restore the site to the last working state.

10.  Check if the integration with external systems is available – with payment systems, delivery services, etc., you may need some.

11.  And the last – check how the customer support services work. Is there detailed documentation on working with the designer or training videos? How quickly and clearly technical support answers to your questions.


How to find the best website builder that meets your needs

You should try 2-3 designers before making the final choice. Use the trial period or a free plan because until you try it yourself, you won't understand which site builder is right for your ideas and needs.


Use the best website builder for your industry

There are a lot of website builders but you need to choose one. For a person who is far from all, this can be difficult to figure out. We analyzed all the pros and cons and we are ready to recommend you the best website builder for your industry.

Small business is the best website builder for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Even with the basic version of Jimdo, the user can create a business card, corporate website, portfolio, or an online store.


Ukit offers the best tools for blogging. After adding a blog, you can set publication options, for example, you can postpone a publication, add the author’s name, select SEO settings, integrate social networking buttons, add videos and images to publications, etc.


SquareSpace is a website builder focused on creating blogs and portfolios.


There are no doubts that BigCommerce is the number 1 eCommerce platform on the market on this list. Except for the high-quality and beautiful free templates, you get wide functionality for managing online stores, Amazon Import and Link tool, eBay, Amazon, Facebook, Google Shopping integration opportunities, unlimited products and much more.

Professional website builder

uKit is a professional tool for creating sites. It supports plugins, templates, and other add-ons that expand capabilities. It doesn’t limit your creativity so that the final product will meet all your needs.

Mobile website offers themes that will look beautiful on any screen. Created sites have an adaptive design and do not require a separate development of mobile options – the website will be compatible with all mobile devices (mobile phones, tablets, etc.).

Drag and drop

Strikingly is an excellent platform for creating websites without any programming knowledge, you just drag and drop the element into the template.

Customers’ Reviews and Complaints on best website builders


"As for the beginning, when creating your website, web builder is a pretty good thing, but if you want to monetize your popular website in the future, you will have to think about hiring a professional to work on it. I don't think it's a good idea to set your business site on free hosting. There are always advertising banners set by the provider. And their content is not particularly regulated (as long as you do not pay money)."


“I didn’t know that there are so many free opportunities ... Thanks for the information :) I’ve been running my handmade blog on uKit. The main advantage of the online website builder is that there is no need for a long time to explain to others what you want to see, and then make a bunch of edits when the result is not the way I would like to see it. Here I can create everything myself and get the full realization of my ideas. It’s a really convenient service. Creating a site or a blog yourself is quite exciting and fun :) I definitely recommend everybody to try!”


"I'm impressed by how good the technical support in Volusion. I had few questions about the information security of my account and I messaged them in the chat. My questions were answered professionally, within a few minutes, and to my great pleasure, after 30 minutes of the chat, I got a phone call from their support staff. He asked if I needed additional support, and was happy to clarify any questions that I had. He even sent me an email with additional information. Thanks!”


"I really enjoyed creating my website and online store using Squarespace. The company has always had a very good reputation as a blog/portfolio developer. Squarespace Commerce can be a good eCommerce platform for those who want to create a stylish online store with unlimited products and an ever-growing selection of marketing tools."


“I made a portfolio for work on Squarespace. Here I added photos of my handmade works. My site is very beautiful and original; communication with social networks is constant. I hope that thanks to my site, I will become popular :D. Well, I would say it works better for portfolio sites than for selling pages. You get adaptive layout by default, so that on the mobile phone sites look good as well. I’ve decided to buy an annual paid plan”.


1.               Do I need to have any special knowledge or skills to create my first website?

No. Working with website builders, any person can create own site without any additional skills.

2.               Does it cost a lot to create and run a website?

If you need a single-page personal site, site business card or a portfolio, using a website constructor, you can create your personal site without spending any cent.

3.               What is a drag-and-drop editor?

Drag-and-drop is a type of interface when you can just capture an element with the mouse and move it. This remarkable discovery in the field of interfaces made it possible to simplify a large number of operations making the interface more user-friendly.

4.               What is a domain name?

A domain name is a site name, a specific letter combination denoting the site name or mailbox name.

5.               What problems may I have using site builder to create my site?

If you decided to create your site with a website builder, you need to be ready for:

-  Limited functionality

-  Limited design customization options

-  As a rule, the site does not belong to you

-  The most useful features are available for paid plans only

-  Possible problems with a promotion in search engines (SEO).

Standard Responsive Website
Video Background Landing Page
Lead Capture Page
Wedding Announcement
Woodshop Niche Lead Capture
Scaling Background Squeeze Page
CPA Offer Click-Thru Page
Blog-Style Website
E-Commerce Website
Corporate Brochure
Membership Website
Medical Information Website
Photography Portfolio Site
Personal / Writer's Website
Video Training Website
Affilate Product Sales Page
Skin/Beauty Niche Affiliate Site
Recipe Portal
Affiliate Review Site
Video Lead Capture Page
Lead Capture Squeeze Page
Video Landing Page
Realtor Listings
Fitness Program Site

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90 Second Website Builder is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. It will also run on an Intel based Mac running Windows (Bootcamp, VMware Fusion, VirtualBox, Parallels, etc.)
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