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All About Domain Names
In order to create a website, you need 3 things:

1. A domain name - the address (URL) to your website
2. A web hosting account - the place your website files will be stored on the Internet
3. A way to BUILD your website - what 90 Second Website Builder does.

Your domain name is the address (URL) to your website.  (  When you register a domain name, it is unique to you and can only be used by you to host a website.  That's why when you register a new domain name, you first search for one that is available globally.  The domain registrar provides the way to search for one so you can find a domain that is not already taken.

If you need a domain name, you get either get one by going to a registrar and purchasing a domain yourself or you can secure one when through your web host.

To purchase a domain on your own, we recommend TEKNON DOMAINS  At Teknon Domains, your domain name will cost about $10 a year or less and it's easy to manage your domain name record (DNS). That's important when it comes time to POINTING your domain to the web host you will be using.  This is called "updating your DNS record."  If you purchase your own domain, you will be responsible for updating your DNS record when you host it or when/if you change hosting providers.

If you prefer to have your web host register your domain for you, most hosts will take care of that.  If you purchase your web hosting service at BLACKWIRE HOSTING, you have the option of bringing your own pre-registered domain, or having BlackWire take care of the registration and DNS update process for you.

Remember, 90 Second Website Builder customers also get a substantial discount for hosting through BlackWire Hosting.  See the 90 Second Website Builder Membership Area for details and discount coupon.

A Beginner's Mini-Course on
How to Build and Manage a Website
by Greg Hughes
If you are new to the concept of  building and managing a website...or want to know more about how domain names work,  this short video tutorial will help you. It is a mini-course on what is involved it setting up and managing a web presence on the Internet...without all the technical jargon.
How to Set Up a Website
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This software is an offline Windows based drag and drop web design software program. It does not need to be uploaded to a web server or online platform. It installs and runs on your computer.  You can install this website builder on up to 3 different computers with the same license code.

90 Second Website Builder is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. It will also run on an Intel based Mac running Windows (Bootcamp, VMware Fusion, VirtualBox, Parallels, etc.)
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