The icons you see here are not images...although they appear to be images and they certainly behave like your average website image.  Yet, behind the scenes they are much better and more powerful.  These are a small sample of the icons that are available in the FontAwesome llibrary built-into 90 Second Website Builder.

FontAwesome icons work just like a font ...But with icons.  This makes yoru page load speed enormously faster than i you were to use actual image icons.  Great for navigation buttons, links, bullet points or anything else on yrou page that needs a visual icon symbol.

Technically it is ONE Font but with over 360 icons and logos in a single collection. Font Awesome is a pictographic language of web-related actions.
Because they are CSS based, you can easily change their style icon color, size, shadow, and anything that's possible with CSS.
Infinite scalability and perfect on retina displays - which makes them great for mobile devices and tablets.

You can insert a FontAwesome icon easily anywhere on the page, but they are also built-in to several of the 90 Second Website Builder navigation tools as well.

Here's an example of using the FontAwesome library with a responsive menu bar:
Easily edit the color, size, borders, hover, transparency and more...
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