90 Second Website Builder's smooth scrolling feature allows you to send your visitors to any section of the page - up or down - with a smooth scroll effect.  It's easy to do by just checking the box on the bookmark (anchor) object.  Then simply link to it on the page.   You can also control the speed at which the user scrolls.  (This demo is set for 600.)
Here's how it works:
The down-arrow image to the left is linked to an invisible bookmark (anchor) toward the bottom of this page.  That bookmark is set for "smooth scrolling". 

Click the arrow to see how it works...
You can't see it, but at this section of the page, there is a bookmark (anchor).  You can only see it when you are in design mode in 90 Second Website Builder.  This bookmark is what the down-arrow image above was linked to.  So clicking the arrow took you here.  And since the bookmark was set for "smooth scrolling" your trip to this part of the page was nice and smooth getting here.
It can work the other way as well.  And you don't have to use images.  Click the link below and you will go back up.  That's because there's another anchor up there that this text is linked to...

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