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"I honestly feel like I just bought something from a good friend."

I can’t even imagine a company with better customer service than yours. I honestly feel like I just bought something from a good friend who actually cares if I’m happy with it or if I need any help with it. Thank you!!

Kathy S.
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What People Are Saying About 90 Second Website Builder...
          I struggled with html editors until I finally found 90 Second Website Builder. WOW! I couldn't get over how easy it was to put websites together using this tool. The biggest impact it has had on my business is the quality of websites I can now build. My websites look creative and professional and don't take much time at all.

Thanks again.

Darragh in Ireland
I’ve been using 90 Second Website builder for about six years now and am so glad I discovered this software. It is feature rich and has worked perfectly for me. It is a brilliant application that even experienced web designers will quickly discover is absolutely incredible. I simply cannot get enough of this software.

Timothy S.
Thank you for an absolutely incredible product.  I sincerely appreciate the time and effort that went into producing another high quality product.

Tim S.
Dear Greg,
I've tried many other programs that would do the job but were very limited and full of rules that were usually standing in the way of web design more than helping it. I remember also a few online "website builders" that were more of a pain than a solution.

Then I came across 90secondwebsitebuilder software and to be honest, I thought it will be just another cheesy excuse for a web design tool... but I was very wrong. I was playing with it and following your video tutorials and I can only say one word: amazing! Whatever I tried and whatever I wanted to try and find - it was there and in most cases, it was there in many different ways. Just after a few hours I bought the software and it was the best investment I made in long time. I just wanted to say - thank you. And thank you for having all these
tutorials and explanations. I have a feeling that I will have loads of fun using this tool.

Neb R.
90 second Website Builder has just made my life possible again and I am now in a position to help others also do the same thing. I have made my website. It is simple but yet not finished. All I need to do is change the details on the "Contact Us" page to suit and it all works. Since my site has been up I have had 2 people use the form to contact us. Hope it doesn't stop.

Greg.... Thank you for all your help and I'm sure some of the questions I put up seem silly at first but your professionalism in answering my ramblings are really appreciated. Hope this relationship lasts for years to come.

Dave C.
                Hi Greg,
               Just a quick note to express not only how impressed I am with 90 second website builder, but also the level of service from you.  From the incredible speed in receiving CD to New Zealand, to your follow ups & offers of personal assistance, have all been appreciated.

I am by no means a computer buff and in truth, my only claim to fame in the world of computers has been to cut & paste. To be able to just finish a multi-page, fully functional website, which on its very first day took two orders through PayPal is a credit to your easy to follow online videos and ease of use program.

I am left handed, colour blind and a bloke so figure if I can do it, anyone can.

Mike S.
Auckland NewZealand
     What an AWESOME job!…Both of presenting your material … explaining all the 90 Second Site Builder is capable of doing  on the website. It was so clear and easy to understand. And, what is capable of doing. All I can say is WOW!!!  I wish you every success!!!

Sarah M.

                 Oh! By the way, my wife said that if they handled “Quick Books” support like you do  90 Sec - they would rival Microsoft. Maybe rule the world.
Bill B
             Hi Greg

First of all I want to tell you I am very happy with my new 90 Second Website Builder . I don't know why I didn't know about this software before ...but thanks a lot ...again.

A. Diaz
                  Hi Greg...
                  Yes! Awesome tutorials! You're a great instructor. :0)
I already put together a little 7 page website I'm ready to publish. :0) Nothing fancy... just capture pages for a couple of test campaigns with unique custom thank you pages.

I was attracted to this software for the Java Script functions, access to the html code and the easy-breezy drag & drop feature! Man, it doesn't get much better than this! This is a marketer’s dream software! :0)
I'm looking forward to publishing with BlackWireHosting. :0

Prosperity to you...
Jeannie Massey
               Thanks Greg
               I love 90 second web site        builder... Great support, great product, great  service.  Thank you so very
much for your help.
           Hi  Greg,

The more I use 90SWB, the more I like it. I just bought it around 10 days ago, and it took me that long to use this fantastic software building my site with features such as paypal, ready-to-use-java scripts and more. Now I am focusing on mobile site.

Thanks and have a great day!

Thanks Greg,

Best website building tool on the planet.

John B
Your program is awesome it really is... after a couple hours playing started to get used to it and not long after started becoming addicted and ended up building a very impressive site.... Needs few twirls here n' there but I'm very very impressed and I love your product and the help and support that comes with it... Thank you.

Maurice O.
          It's GREAT!
Your program is fantastic and just what I have been looking for...Your Instructional videos just could not be better.

John H
This software is amazing... luvit

So far your software is amazing. I'm an old time HTML'r without the time anymore. Need to update quickly and easily. So far it's the best I've found.

Cory D.
Hi Greg,
Hope you are ok and your business is going well. I am using your software to build HTML websites for the company I am working for. Just want to tell you that 90 Second Website Builder is amazing. It is created for people like I am... visually oriented and which enjoy the drag and drop website creation.
I never found such user friendly software and just wanted to show you what I am building now with 90Secwebsitebuilder

All the Best

90 Second Website Builder
Greg, these templates are awesome. You will not believe how happy I am I found your site and software. Thank you very much.

Anthony J

I am the person to whom you recently recommended the use of events for my website. I wanted to thank you for the tip. It worked perfectly.

I can't tell you how pleased I am with the software. It is extremely powerful, yet easy to use. The videos have been critical. I took the time to watch each of them twice. It made the use of the software very familiar once I began designing my website. I was able to refer to some of them again if I had a question during the design.

If it's OK, I'll send you a link to the site when I publish it. Thanks again.

Warm regards,

Dennis F.
Hi Greg,

Thank you for addressing my questions so quickly - and after traditional business hours!

Your answers will allow me to make the decision I wanted to make and proceed with my order.

All my best wishes for your continued success,

Will B.
Hi Greg,

Thank you for helping me today. I have to say that I am really so grateful for your help. You are always there when I need help and it always feels like a help from a friend and not just some dry online support.

That is one of the reasons that I am telling everyone I know about 90 Second Website Builder. The other reason is that it is very fine tool for creating almost any kind of website and with minimal effort.

Thank you again.

N. Radojkovic
Thanks Greg!
I have to say that 90 sec website builder is by far the easiest web building program I've ever worked with. I'm still learning my way around all the features, and having fun doing it.
Thanks again!

Von R
I've been watching some of your video tutorials this morning.  I just wanted to show my appreciation for all the hard work you have put into creating these very clear and easy to follow videos. It makes a nice change to see a video that doesn't have a long-winded advertising intro and then go on to explain the same thing in 20 different ways at length with a baby crying in the background and a parrot squawking.
Great work, keep it up. 

Pity I didn't discover your website earlier.

Mark T
I have been trying for years to find a way to design a website and quite frequently when I have had a design idea, I have been faced with limitations in the software and had to make compromises. I have had 90 Second Website Builder  for a week and so far managed to do everything I need to do with relative ease. One of my big issues was how to design a site that looked good on desktops, phones and tablets. The software makes it easy to get around this problem. The videos are excellent.
Thanks, Greg for a great product. I love saving money and time using it. The best product I have bought in a very long time. You can quote me on that as an testimonial.

Mark Hendrickson
Instant Signs
Hello Mr. Greg Hughes,

Thank you for this information!  It was quite informative and got me back on track.  I appreciate your help.  You are very knowledgeable and helpful.  Your teaching style is very easy to follow and comprehend.  Thanks again!

Von R
Hi Greg,
90 second website builder is just fantastic, even for me, being a total stranger to the Internet, and using computers. 90 sec has now helped me start to make an income from Internet. With your great team and yourself offering a service that really stands behind your product.

Thank you. I have really enjoyed working with it.
Francis U
Hi Greg,
You are truly awesome. I don't know how you do it but I am very glad that you do.

Finding your services was my lucky day.

Thank you so much Greg. Every transaction and interaction I've had with your business has been extremely pleasant. Just want to say thank you for your excellent customer service.

Thank You Greg!

Stan P.
Thanks Greg.

You have the best customer support  I've ever seen.

Keep up the good work.

I am simply AMAZED at this program. It is one of the most user friendly and comprehensive sites I have ever seen.  Also, you are a very good narrator and have a good speaking and metered voice which is easy to listen to. I am already a fan and plan to purchase your program soon. Every time I had a question come up while listening to your "intro" video, it was answered within the video before it concluded. I am overwhelmed and thrilled at your highly professional and complete program.

Thank you
Anthony S.

I purchased the program because I was very impressed with what I saw in the demos… (at around 6:30 pm), and I've been here since that time playing around with the program (it’s now almost midnight!).  lol. 

I've got to tell you, this program flat out rocks!  I've now figured out that the "90 seconds" in the name really means how long it takes someone to get completely hooked on this thing!  Hands down, this is the best website tool I've ever used.  I love it!

- Michael
Hi Greg!
First I would like to tell you that, of all the web page builder Software, 90 Second Website Builder is really Fantastic . You can do anything in an easy way.
So simply saying;  I found it to be the BEST!

M. Taye
I have been a long time frustrated user of Go Live first and then Dreamweaver.  Your product blows them away.  I am a design engineer.   Your program will allow me to create and update spectacular website designs and not have to deal with the garbage that Adobe has seen fit to stick me with.   I am telling all of the people in my line of work to visit your site and try this out.  I gave it 10 minutes (a little more than 90 seconds) and then made an immediate purchase of the software.  I have several colleagues that will be making purchases this week.

Thanks for everything.  You guys rock!!!!
David A.
90 Second Website Builder has always been my choice for building websites, and I know very little about code and such. But the customer service, and desire to satisfy the customer, outstanding is too small a word.

Thanks very much Greg. Get some sleep man!

Mike W.
Just purchased the software last nite and I gotta tell ya, I love it. I'm a kid in the candy store playing with all the features.


Gene M.
Hi Greg,

I am so excited to use your full version 90 second website builder. Its a miracle software which build everything for me. Really I am excited.  And so many videos, really great.

Fateh D.
First Greg,

I love 90 Second Website Builder!

I've sent a dozen buyers to you without the affiliate link and happy to do so.

Brian  M.
Hey Greg,
Let me first start by saying how much I love the software. The ease of use, and time it saves is worth well more than the selling price.  For me, having no real knowledge of website building or html, other then what I have been trying to lean with Dreamweaver. I have managed to build my website in the same time it took me to get my header right [in Dreamweaver].

I am an music producer by night and needed a website that could be updated at a moment’s notice. I host with yahoo and have been using their builder, but it just made my site very plain. Searching the web, I stumbled across your site, downloaded the trial and after I designed my home page in minutes. I knew this was a purchase that I had to make.

I want to thank you for making this program available and will definitely recommend your software to everyone and anyone.

George C.
Hi Greg,

I feel I know you already.  Just writing to say that although I am new at this (my first website), I have already been getting a lot of visits everyday even without having done any SEO yet.  I’m heartened and I have signed on as an affiliate.  I really like your product and the way you give help and instruction. First rate!

Best regards, Dennis C
I've always felt that there are certain tools for certain jobs, but with 90 Second Website Builder I'm really having to rethink that because I'm able to do everything I want to do with it.  It's like the Swiss Army Knife of website design! (and yes, you can use that quote if you want. hehe).

Hey Greg,

You deserve every compliment, accolade, kudos everyone is bestowing upon you man, your customer service is outstanding, your caring demeanor is evident in your videos and in your emails. 

I remember sending your a question thru the help desk at about 2:00am, I wasn't expecting an answer for at least 24 hours, and then there you were about 30 minutes after I posted the inquiry answering my question.

You Rock Man!

Mike W
Hi Greg,
I am blown away. I am a graphic designer (30+ years) for both print and web and although I have designed many web sites over the past 17 years, I felt like I really got left behind when CSS became the norm. I have worked with Dreamweaver, SiteGrinder and Adobe Muse and your program beats them all as far as usability and functionality. It gets the job done without a lot of fuss and flurry!

I am still viewing the videos and will be starting my first site in the next day or so. Thank you for this user-friendly program so that a designer like me can do just that and not have to worry about noodling out code.

Candy H.
Hi Greg.
I’m finding this program to be excellent.    I dabble occasionally but am far, far from a knowledgeable user .  Most of the terminology the net is based on  is foreign to me.  So for me to say I find this program a snap is quite an endorsement.  However, even better than the program is the video tutorial lessons.  They are very clear, instructive and in a language and format that I can understand and use.  Stay with your format and keep up the good work.

Dorn B
Thanks greatly for your help along the way, and… OH! Due to your FANTASTIC program and your patient side line coaching I have continually chipped away at trying [something] new and have actually gotten pretty good Google placement. A lot of first page placements. That’s pretty darn good. Again many many thanks for being human and not some impersonal machine.

John C
I do have to say ...

Thank you for a great product and excellent support.

I really appreciate it.

Jim N.
Thanks again for your help.  It is rare to find any company online these days that actually answers their emails this quickly. Usually it takes several days.   I have a client that I am building this site for and promised her a rough draft by Friday.  
Much appreciated.

Bill D.
Hi Greg,

I just wanted to drop you a note about my impressions regarding the program. In my opinion is an excellent software and it does what is says and more. I am not a computer genius but I managed to create a nice website in one day. I actually bought another software before I bought 90 second website Builder. I found your program much easier and more flexible to use. Great job!


It's good software. Easy and new features are good. It's better than many software

Yogesh B
Dear Mr. Hughes,

I don't have any problem with your software. Yesterday I was looking for contact form tool, but I found how to make it using your software. I must say that I am very very satisfied with your software. It has everything and it is amazing.

Best regards,

Dejan M
I just wanted to thank Greg for the best software program on the planet. Not only is the software incredible but the price brought tears to my eyes... now I am looking at the tutorials and they are incredible as well.

Greg for you to offer this program for this price and then give us an affiliate program to boot you are just short of being one of God's very special angels. I thank you with all my heart God Bless you.

Wayne M.
Hi Greg,
I just want to say how fabulous the software is. I can't praise it enough. It's definitely the best editor I ever used and I've used them all. I still program c# and in Visual Studio for access/MSsql databases but I totally love 90Second Website builder for my static sites. It's amazing and fast.

Again, thanks for the brilliant software.

John F
Thanks for the great program, I was able to recreate my old site using this totally different tool, and I just scratched the surface of the power this offers.

Mike F.
Thanks for all your advice on the phone yesterday, I won’t forget it. Oh by-the-way, your 90 second website builder is FANTASTIC!

Robert S.
I have just watch a couple of videos from the member area and that explains it really well too!!. I am excited, those video tutorial are really good!!,

thanks again

Miguel R.
WOW ,Such a big time saver and superb bit of software you have. I am happier than when I first tried it and sing your Praises Loudly.

Thank you

Charles K
Thanks for the 90 Second Website Builder, it was a breeze to use and does exactly what it is supposed to do...produce quality websites.

I will have no hesitation in telling others to use it as it really is "drag and drop" web design.

Peter N.
Hi Greg ,
I just wanted to thank you for a great software ! I find it amazingly simple. This one is much better and more intituitive than any wysiwyg software I used in the past.

Kindest Regards
Soumeya D
Hi Greg,
Thank you for your email, you have your act together, good work.

I have not finished our new website, but I can tell you having your video tutorials are a great help. I have a film and television media back ground, and you are doing all the right things. The main reason I got this software is so I could control how I wanted my website to look and work. I do not have a IT background and this software allow me to work alone, and do not having to deal with an IT person.

Thank you for your good work.

Kind  Regards

Grant M
Hi Greg,

This is one of the easiest website builders I have ever had the fortune to come across and I am endeavoring to promote it as such. The more I use it, the more the ideas come to mind. I am highly impressed with it and I am letting as many people as I can, know about it! Thanks for such a great program!!!

Mike U.
You were right!! What a great website builder...the best I've seen. It's so good - I followed the video tutorials and finished a nice website in no time. If you follow what it shows, all you have to do is click here and there. Anybody can build a website with this.

Frank C.
I used 90 Second Website Builder to create my website and still can't believe how easy it was!  They also have a support department, if you have any questions they promptly answer. I am thrilled with this program and will use it to create more websites in the near future!

Carrie G.
Many thanks for speedy service with regards to my recent purchase. May I also take this chance to commend you on a wonderful product that fits my requirements perfectly, a great product that I would highly recommend.

Leon H
I highly recommend my friends to purchase 90 second website builder because it is user friendly,  lots of features and functions are great,  amazing!!!


90 Second Website Builder gives us something money can't buy - OUR TIME.  In a world with so many tech gadgets and software that requires hours of study, the time we save by using your software is awesome!  Thank you for making a product that SAVES TIME instead of draining it.

Don. M
I was looking for drag and drop software to build a website to get my business going.  The video tutorials that come with 90 Second Website Builder are very well done and provide step by step instructions, even for a guy like me that has never built a website.

The customer support team even assisted me in uploading to my hosting account. They went above and beyond to make my experience a terrific one. And, I hadn't even paid them a dime yet!

Rick B.
I wanted to let you know that over the past 2 weeks I've downloaded and tried about 18 (no kidding) different web design tools. After staying up to 2am 2 weeks straight trying to figure how to create the world's simplest opt-in landing page (and I consider myself pretty tech savvy)

I FINALLY found 90 second website builder. One hour later my site was ready to publish. So I want to say THANK YOU. I think web design newbies should find and use such an excellent tool the first time.

Ric G.
This is a terrific piece of software. Seriously. I'd been messing about with Dreamweaver to the point of bawling my eyes out!

Thanks for making it super easy & intuitive to use.

Mikey C.
First off, I really love your platform.  It's the best I've ever used and I'm really enjoying setting up my first website. What I love about the platform the most, though, are your very easy to follow tutorials. Just Awesome!! and I commend you.
Hi Greg,
Just to let you know, 90 second website builder is an amazing program.  I am using it now to create websites and it works flawlessly.

I am very impressed and again, thank you for making a super product available and affordable. 

Fred R.
90 Second Website Builder is an absolute magical, easy website builder and fun to play with. I've been using it to produce at least a dozen of websites for myself and now producing for businesses around the village.

Claude L.
I bought the full version a couple of days ago. It's remarkable software and I'm having a great time exploring all its options. The addition and ease of use of the mobile design aspect is fantastic.

I just wanted to say thank you for this great program!  I consider myself an advanced user, but for the last week I met several difficulties creating a simple website with another program. But... YOUR PROGRAM DID IT FLAWLESSLY!

Amir D.
I just successfully launched my first web site with your program. I am still impressed and pleased with the ease of use and consistency of what I'm getting out of your program.

Thanks again for your help.

Don N.
I looked around the web for a website builder (I had been using netfusions for some years - and it was just not flexible enough) for some time and looked at quite a few possibilities. The reasons that I settled on yours are two fold:  First, it had to do with your very generous videos - and the clarity of your explanations. They are truly exemplary. 

Second, on getting the free version, having dabbled on it for a couple of hours, its ease and functionality became swiftly apparent.

Thank you very much

Thanks guys!  You're on the ball. That was a really quick response to my question...I like the product...Thanks for the additional products...Good work. Good product.

Marc B.
I designed my first website with 90 Second Website Builder and started my own jewelery business. It's very easy to use and a lot of fun.

Erica C.
BonBon Charms
Dear Greg,
I  have never met a guy who is as honest, and dedicated and follows up on people like you do.  So I am going to buy the software.

Best regards,
Walid H
You are an  inspiration for me. I have read about the different  types of programs you are associated with and how you aspire to help people  make best use of the internet and the scope of success it offers.
When I  spoke to you  on phone last time, I found you very helpful and understanding. not to mention  how  easily approachable you  are.

Hi Greg,

I have and I found your product and service very helpful; we hope to use it for a temporary/permanent business website. I was tasked  with learning the program, working out whether it suited our needs and developing an initial framework for our website. With the assistance from your videos I was able to complete my work in no time and believe my superior has now purchased a full copy with CD.

Mark H.
Thanks for always responding in such a timely fashion.  Not only great program but great customer support. 

Maria S
I must say your software is great!! I am really enjoying designing though I am not a software guy.

Sunil C
We love 90 Second Website Builder!...Overall, we LOVE the flexibility and ease of your program, especially the FORM capabilities.

Don M.
Greg. So far, I can't even begin to tell you how impressed with the software. Thank you for making it so user friendly.

George C.
Hey Greg, 

I just wanted to thank you.  90 Second Website Builder  works wonderfully and writes in code for you in a very organized way.  I work with a small business and just wanted to thank you for this.  It was perfect.

Max M.
Foxxx Pools
Thanks for your help.
It's a really great product  with great customer support!

Tim W
I downloaded your trial program the other day and bought the full version. To be honest I'm really impressed with it. You saved me quite a bit of money by making it so easy to use, now I can build all our own websites.  I have tried a couple of other free ones but its true you get what you pay for. Your video help is amazing its very easy to follow and there are so many of them. The wife wasn't that happy though - I spent the last 4 nights playing on your program rather than with her.

Many Thanks,

Kev B.
Hi Greg,
I just wanted to thank you personally and sincerely.

I really liked your program when I first saw it because it was so easy to use, and I am always adding and changing things and I hate to be confined to tables.  It far exceeded my every expectation. It is a rare thing that someone -especially the owner- is interested enough to dig deep to resolve issues.  That is how we approach our business, and obviously how you approach yours.

Thanks again, it is a breath of fresh air in a very cynical world.
Rich K
Hey Greg,
Thank you for taking such good care of your customers and congratulations on offering such a simple tool to create stunning websites!

In 3 days we have almost completed our new website and should be ready to publish shortly....  It is awesome.
Best regards and thank you once again

PS:  I am recommending this software to everyone I know.
Thank you so much Greg for your fast response and again.

Your software is such a joy to work with and while I still have some learning curves to go through, overall is amazingly intuitive, full of robust features and training support that exceeds expectations.

Kindest Regards,
Lisa Robinson
Had a quick question...I recently purchased the full version of 90 second web builder and noticed that the little 'created by 90 sec WSB' icon that populated on the pages in the trial version is gone.  I have searched in the images for that icon and can't find it.  The reason I want it was to create it into an affiliate link to your site, it is a perfect size icon that I can add to the majority of my pages that links back to your site, because I just love this program and the ease of use it offers.  I am literally clueless to how web designing really works and I am really excited to have found this program that makes it so easy to create great looking websites...where i can actually I can say ... I CREATED THAT!   ... so awesome!!! 
Thanks again and let me know if I can get a copy of that icon somewhere in the member area. :)

DonPaul B.
Hi Greg,

I am more than enjoying this wonderful program.  I spent a couple of days searching for a powerful yet easy drag-and-drop web development program.  I have to say your 90SecondWebsiteBuilder was the winner hands down.  I am glad I purchased your program and have already told about it to my uncle. I watched two of your videos and found them very helpful and to the point.

Thanks for support and best of luck.

Shahriar A
I would like to thank you very much, Both 90 Second website builder and Blackwire hosting, have been a pleasure to deal with.

Thank you

I just wanted to thank you again for your wonderful product.  I wanted to expand my skillset and learn how to build a site but was intimidated.  Your excellent free trial made me feel comfortable with giving it a try.  I can't believe how quickly I learned to design and build a site that is just what I wanted for my professional purposes.  I feel proud that I don't have to rely on anyone else to update information or make revisions.   Your customer service is beyond incredible, thanks so much for being there every step of the way when I DID need a hand.  I now have contacts from around the world exclaiming that the site is impressive, informative and engaging.  What a difference this has made!

Audre Turner
Well I just published my website I can honestly
say this is the best website design software.

Thanks very much. I'm looking forward to creating more.

Chris J
Hi Greg:  I looked at and into 12 other website "builder"  offers.  Yours was the easiest for me. I am an older person so things like this are more difficult for me.   I am sold on your site builder ( I love it)   

Lloyd W.
Hi, Greg:
Thanks again,... Your videos are great. By far best help over any other website building programs.

I am so glad to be using your product. I think you have a valuable program, and anybody that I come into contact with will hear it from me.  When I finish my website, I  want to put your logo on my home page to show everybody who I am working with.

Thanks for the software and the help.  The information you provide me is worth every penny! Thanks for everything.

David M. A.

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90 Second Website Builder Ecover
I can’t even imagine a company with better customer service than yours. I honestly feel like I just bought something from a good friend who actually cares if I’m happy with it or if I need any help with it. Thank you!!

Kathy S

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